Kick off to the holidays

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 5:03 PM
Over Thanksgiving break, we had my aunt/uncle and cousins come over for a dinner before the big Turkey Day. We haven't had family come over yet, so I wanted to make sure our dining room wall was done. So hubby and I  put up the shelves and started decorating, not completely done but good enough for company =). Below is my cute family eat a very carb heavy meal that we cooked. If you look on the top right shelf, I made a little chalkboard sign.

On the menu that night, lemony shrimp spinach pasta, Hot italian sausage pasta, salad, and homemade wine from the counsins.

The next day, I got started on my Christmas gift for my cousin Tina, she was only in town for a few days, so I had to get started on the wreath. She has a hunter green door with a screen protector so I wanted to make sure the wreath would not only be pretty but also pop out! (I choose a white/silver yarn)

Hubby on his spare time helped me out by wrapping the very small yarn around the wreath =)

I bought some little decorative items from Michaels, hot glued them on the styrofoam part, then wrapped the yarn around the stem to hide it. Then, hot glue some ornaments, and DONE!

Next time, I'll post pictures of my new wreaths and Christmas decorations around the house.