Christmas came early in the Rhee household

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 11:00 AM
So those who know me, understand how much I LOVE and adore these Kitchenaid standmixers. Unfortunately, I could not justify paying for these mixers on our budget right after marriage, especially since I was in grad school and we just bought a house. All my baking was done using an electric mixer or elbow grease =).

Lucky for me, I have the best hubby who finally made my dream come true! Oh the convenience, the simplicity, and the beauty of these machines.. I just couldn't wait until it arrived. We agreed that we would be able to open our gifts early, but only when we definitely needed to use them.

Hubby asked for rotisserie attachment for his grill. Last week he had to open his present early so we could cook pork tenderloin for some friends who came over for dinner, while testing it out for Christmas dinner. (Very important dinner, since we'll be hosting my side of the family for the first time in our home).

So I patiently waited for the right time to open my gift, it was hard at first knowing that it was sitting right there under the tree. I did get distracted last week with the cold and busy buying/making other gifts. Finally, the time has come, I needed to bake cookies for our small group cookie exchange party, so we decided one very late night to get the standmixer out, and here are my expressions:

I know what you might be thinking... so crazy to be excited over a little machine. But I am so very thankful. My way to thank and bless others is to bake and share my crafts. So I hope you all can be blessed by my future goodies.

What did I make with it first? COOKIES, for our oikos groups 1st Cookie Exchange Party!

Merry Christmas Everybody! Hope you have an amazing time celebrating this joyous holiday with loved ones.