Butler's Orchard

Sunday, October 23, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 10:04 PM
Every season there's always a must-do activity planned. For example;

winter: sight see amazing Christmas decorations, complain about the cold, forgetting to get my car waxed before the snow/ice (as you can tell winter is not my favorite season).

spring: visit DC to see cherry blossoms on the tidal basin
summer: beach trips, carnival/fair, outdoor movie festivals
fall: explore fall foliage either in the Shenandoah, Old town Alexandria, somewhere on the GW parkway, and of course visit the pumpkin patch!!!!

Over the weekend, Mr. Rhee and I along with our close friends the Lee's visited Butler's Orchard for their annual Pumpkin Festival! I think little E enjoyed the petting zoo part, while we enjoyed the corn maze and the pumpkin cannon!

Eugene showing off his throwing skills

Feeding the goats

Little E staring at the sheep

Yay for not getting lost in the corn maze!

My favorite thing to do, is shooting pumpkins out of the cannon. Surprisingly, when it was my turn, the pumpkin Mr. Rhee chose for me hit the target that was sitting on top of a van! First one to do it all day apparently. The best part was when the target got knocked down, I of course screamed in excitment... it made my day.. no week! =)

Before we left, we had to stop by the market to see all the goodies on sale. I ended up buying a few more mini pumpkins.... to glitter later that day =D

Hope all the young adults at church enjoy their hayride/bonfire night at Butler's this weekend! Glitterred pumpkins post coming soon!