Two words... glittered pumpkins!

Monday, November 14, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 12:02 PM
I definitely thought I submitted this post already, but my apologies..

This post is dedicated to my crafting buddy Gina...
Together we conquer the world of crafts, by stalking Martha Stewart projects, bring a little glitter to all boring things... like my dining room floor, and spend countless hours wandering Michael's.

We're an awesome crafting pair, and to that, these glittered pumpkins are dedicated to her!

So, we started our project by picking cute little gourds from our local supermarket. I picked up a couple small pumpkins from Butler's Orchard.

Then, you paint on a thin layer of white glue, we used Tacky Glue. In the picture above, I tried a different method of gluing the bottom half first then glittering, wait to dry then glue the top. This technique works better for pumpkins with short stems.

If you have a bigger stem, it's easier to glue half the pumpkin (ex: right side), then pour glitter of your choice, wait to dry, then repeat on left side.

Just some of the glitter cans we used =)

See the difference a little glitter can make? After all the glitter dries, we painted the stems with a nice copper to finish the look.

Susan, came over on day 2 of glittering, to make some really pretty "Easter" colored pumpkins.

They're so pretty, it's nostalgic. It's worth all the glittery mess over the table and floor. Poor hubby is now terrified of glitter, but for the most part it cleaned up fairly nicely.

Soon, I'll post how I displayed the pumpkins and the new wall in our dining room! =)

Happy Crafting!