Fall Wreath Love

Friday, September 30, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 5:47 PM
My lovely friend Gina came over on her day off to help me make my next craft project! I love fall colors, and fall weather (except this day we saw no sun...). So I wanted the wreath to represent the loveliness and simplicity of fall.

So here was the process:

I started with a simple wreath I bought at Michael's.. love that store!

Cut felt into these shapes, which Gina thought looked like bear ears

Glue them togther, and add a special girliness on top =)
Love the pearls, gives it a soft effect

There it is the finished product!

We're having too much fun!

On our door!

Maybe my next seasonal purchase would be a pumpkin... glitter pumpkins anyone?? Saw in my Martha Stewart subscription and I HAVE to do it, if hubby doesn't veto =)

Happy crafting everyone!