goodbye summer nights... hello fall!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 6:11 PM
I must say, this summer felt like it went by super fast! As much as I do not like the hot humid Maryland weather, summer was nice because of it's smell... yes smell... I love the smell of the beach, and cool brisk air at night. So as my farewell to summer, I must reminisce the past few months. These are some pictures from Hawaii trip earlier this year.

 The sweet smell of plumeria flowers

Our new friend born in June right after our vacation =)
college friends reunion in LA
last minute visits to my cousins on the west coast

Summer is also great because it's both me and Mr. Rhee's birthday

And... we also celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary this year, we went back to DC for some delicious crab cakes, and went to visit our engagement site: the Jefferson Memorial

The restaurant was right next to the White House, so we took a quick stroll before heading to the memorial.

Although we had a pretty good season, Fall is definitely my favorite season for many reasons:
1.The colors/ fall foliage
2. The indefinite number of pumpkins, apples, and leaves 
3. The cool air, and many different wardrobe options =)
4. The activities...hiking, apple picking, camping, sight seeing, etc..
5. Crafting, I recently just made my fall wreath, hopefully I'll post about it soon!!!
5. THE BAKING! I have so many new fall treats planned, can't wait to try them!

Today, I will leave you with one of my latest craft projects, a new addition to our living room:

I painted these canvas' with a fun aqua blue and mounted a cute wall decal I got from Single Stone Studios.
I wanted a continuing picture, so it was cut into sections, then mounted, and finish!

Now I look back on it, the color may be a little bright for my living room, but it definitely gives a pop of color! On the plus side it matches my leaves & bird theme. Can't wait until the room is complete!

A lot more to post soon, so stay tuned!