What we've been up to lately!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - Posted by Jullie at 4:14 PM
So, I've been really bad at updating all my new recipes and crafts, so I figured I'll just post up some of the latest creations. I think I need to be better at capturing whatever I'm making as there are a lot of missing projects from the summer. Oh well, Enjoy!

 Oreo cookies n' cream cupcakes for Ang's 25th Birthday

 Peach Basil Balsamic Bread

 New Wreath for our door
Peanut butter Chocolate Cupcakes
 favors for baby shower

 successfully grew hydrangeas... which lasted only 2 months =(

my famous fruit tart
 homemade funfetti cupcakes!!

There's a lot left on my to do list, and as summer is sneaking away from us I better step up my game! Hope to update soon! =)