Happy One Year Anniversary!

Sunday, August 7, 2011 - Posted by Jullie at 5:23 PM
Let me first start off by saying, I have a love/hate relationship with surprises. I really do love them when I don't expect it and it turns out to be a lovely surprise, but I hate it when I know something's coming, but have NO IDEA what it is!! =) My hubby is surprising me with dinner tonight, and I wish I knew where we were going!  But regardless, I'm sure I'll love it! I also started defrosting some of our wedding cake from the freezer, not really sure why this is a tradition, but hopefully it'll still be good!

So I guess we're technically not considered newlyweds anymore, but our newlywed year was amazing! As I reflect back on our first year of marriage I can't help to remember all the milestones: the ups and downs of wedding day, our amazing 10 day honeymoon in Fiji, starting out in our small one bedroom apartment, graduating grad school, and buying a house!

 (Hubby at our first resort in Fiji)

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I'm bringing back a clip from our wedding  thanks to our awesome long time friends at SincereLi Photography.

Jullie + Eugene from SincereLi Photography on Vimeo.

Our wedding day was unforgettable! We loved our funny photographers at JPG, thank you so much for all your hardwork and a memorable photosession! We loved how we could have all of our friends and families in one room at one time! I mean, how often does that happen!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Eugene! You are truly the greatest gift and I love you soooo much! I'm excited for what's in store for our future!..... and for dinner tonight!